Project profile

Project: Tirinyi –Pallisa-Kumi (67Km)

Funder: IDB/GoU,

Surfacing: AC

Contractor: The Arab Contractors

Supervision Consultant: Still Under Procurement

Works Contract: UGX 274.124 Bn,

Project progress

Commencement was issued on 15 March 2018.

The cumulative progress as of April   2019   was   10.93% of works out of the programmed 11.14% Physical and 18.43% achieved against 19.3 % of financial. Time elapsed is 37.5 %.


Land and Property Compensated – PALLISA-OLADOT SECTION(21.5KM)

Total amount approved: 10,178,908,412/=

Total amount paid: 9,488,028,573/=

Total no of PAPs: 1,238

Total No. of PAPs paid: 1,134

%ge of paps paid: 91.6%

Total PAPs unpaid: 104

Total Amount Pending: 690,879,839/=

Total Land Size: 231.388 acres

Total land acquired: 216.442 acres

%ge of land acquired: 93.54%



Total amount approved: 12,111,953,065/=

Total amount paid: 7,361,345,352/=

Total no of PAPs: 840

Total No. of PAPs paid: 598

%ge of paps paid: 71.18%

Total PAPs unpaid: 242

Total Amount Pending: 4,750,607,713/=

Total Land Size: 273.7661 acres

%ge of land acquired: 63.7%

Total land acquired: 174.5003 acres

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