(From L-R) COWI MD Frank Gotlieb, HPCA Mark Ssali, Resident Engineer Bernard Ocan, Project Manager Godfrey Bihemaiso & UNRA Station Manager Moroto Anthony Okuchu inspecting one of the towns roads (Matany Cathedral) on the Akisim – Moroto Section.

During a recent visit to the project by a team from PCA, the project manager Eng. Godfrey Bihemaiso revealed that the project was progressing well within the time and budget, part of which constituted the reason for the Akisim – Moroto section of the project being voted Project Of The Year by the Directorate of Roads and Bridges Development.
A detailed tour of the length project showed that the Soroti – Akisim (100km) section under CCCC is at 96% of physical works completed while compensation is at 88%.
The Akisim – Moroto (50.3km) under CR3 Ltd has achieved near substantial completion and are now working on the town roads which they envisage to be complete by Christmas. Compensation is at 85%.  The project’s set completion date is December 30. The PAPs we spoke to are particularly excited by the installation of street lights in most of the trading centers which the contractors confirmed will be up and lit by Christmas festivities.