Project profile

Project: Soroti-Katakwi-Akisim (100Km)

Funder: GOU


Contractor: CCCC

Consultant: GIBB Africa in Association with MBW Consulting Ltd.

Works Contrat: UGX 398.884 bn

Supervision Contract: GX.14.418 bn

Project Progress

Works commenced on 1st November 2016 and scheduled to be completed on 31st October 2019. (The project duration is 36 months.

The cumulative Physical progress as of end Apr,2019 is 73.20% against planned progress of 83.07%. Cummulative financial progress is 67.60% against 79.84% planned. Time elapsed was   83%.

Land and Property compensated – Soroti-Akisim section(100km)

Total amount approved:30,583,589,268/=

Total amount paid:24,529,879,527/=

Total amount Pending:6,528,816,747/=

Total no of PAPs: 2538

Total no of PAPs paid: 2124

%ge of paps paid: 83.67%

Total PAPs Pending: 414

Total land captured: 819.725 Acres

Total land acquired: 603.621Acres

%ge of land acquired: 73.64%

Total Land Pending: 216.104 Acres

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