Project Information

Project Name: Rehabilitation of Nakalama – Tirinyi – Mbale Road

Length: 102km

Funder(s): GOU

Contractor: Dott Services

Contract Amount: UGX73.36bn

Supervision Consultant: In House supervision (Construction and Supervision Dept)

Contract Amount: N/A

Expected Works Completion Date:


Progress / Status: Works commenced on 23rd April 2018 and scheduled to be completed on 22nd May 2020. The cumulative physical progress at the end of April 2019 was 35.04% against a plan of 43.92% as per the approved work programme and time progress at 45.07%. No compensation required



Vandalism of existing Armco culverts and guardrails, encroachment of road reserves especially in urban areas and delayed relocation of utilities

Payment of IPC No.4 of UGX 5,566,985,023 submitted on 28/01/2019 has been cleared. IPC No. 5 of Ugx 10,850,587,782 was submitted on 22nd march 2019 pending payment.


Land Acquisition Information

Project Affected Persons (PAPs) Compensation

Total Number of PAPs: N/A

Total Compensation Amount Approved: N/A

Total Amount Paid: N/A

Total Amount Pending: N/A

Percentage of PAPs Paid: N/A

Number of PAPs: N/A

PAPs paid: N/A


Land Acquisition

Total Land Required: N/A

Total Land Acquired: N/A

Total Land Pending: N/A



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