Project Information

Project Name: Rehabilitation of Fort Portal – Hima Road

Length: 55km

Funder(s): GOU

Contractor: China Wu Yi Co. Ltd

Contract Amount: UGX94Bn

Supervision Consultant: SABA ENGINEERING PLC Ltd

Contract Amount: UGX 4.0Bn

Expected Works Completion Date: 25 September, 2019


Progress / Status: Works commenced on 26 March, 2018 and scheduled to be complete by 25 September, 2019.

8.00% of the works were complete by end of April 2019 against the plan of 56.51%. Time progress stands at 75.4%. Financial progress is at 14.23% against 59.24%. Contractor has submitted a claim for EOT arising from delayed issuance of detailed designs. Employer to offer their determination.



Slippage is majorly due to Late issuance of designs and late mobilization of the Contractor.


Land Acquisition Information

Project Affected Persons (PAPs) Compensation

Total Number of PAPs: N/A

Total Compensation Amount Approved: N/A

Total Amount Paid: N/A

Total Amount Pending: N/A

Percentage of PAPs Paid: N/A

Number of PAPs: N/A

PAPs paid: N/A

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