Project Profile
Project: Olwiyo-Gulu (70.3km),
Funder: GOU,
Contractor: Zhongmei Engineering Group Ltd
Supervision Consultant: Comptran Engineering and Planning Associates
RAP Consultant: Firstland Surveyors
Works contract: Original -UGX 164.025 bn Revised to UGX 163.565 bn
Supervision contract: UGX 1.59 bn + USD 2.7 m
RAP Contract: UGX 995.3 m + USD 165,200,
Project Progress
The works contract commenced on 18th, September 2014 and scheduled to be complete on 21st, September 2017. The new completion date is 27 April 2019.
Progress as of end of April 2019 was 98.08% against planned of 99.35% for the main project road (substantially completed) and 35.08% against programmed 90.30% for the Gulu Town roads. Time elapsed was 99% as per the revised completion date of 27 April 2019.
Financial progress stands at 81.5% against the planned 98%.
Additional funding to extend Service Contract supervision input to 1 June 2019 was approved by ED and respective Addendum is being processed to ensure continued supervision of the outstanding works.
Meanwhile, the request for Interim extension of the Services performance period to 1 April 2019 was granted as the addendum No.3 is under process.
Land and Property Compensation
Total amount approved: 13,669,419,090/=
Total amount paid: 10,711,765,599/=
Total no of PAPs: 1,428
Total no of PAPs Paid: 1,267
%ge of paps paid: 88.72%
Total PAPs Pending: 161
Total land captured: 609.13acres
Total land acquired: 533.45
%ge of land acquired: 87.75%
Total land pending: 75.681acres

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