The Office of the Executive Director (OED) is the Office through which The Executive Director of UNRA provides leadership in managing the provision and maintenance of the national roads network in an efficient and effective manner, and render advisory services to Government on road related matters. The Executive Director is responsible for the day-to-day operations and administration of the Authority. Subject to section 19 of the UNRA Act 2006 and to the general supervision and control of the Board;

The Office of the Executive Director is empowered to:-


  • Implement policies and programmes of the Authority and reporting on them
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  • Manage the funds and property of the Authority
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  • Organize and control of the staff of the Authority;
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  • Develop an operating plan to guide the Authority in achieving its Objectives;
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  • Co-operate with other lead agencies and organizations in the roads sector.

Mrs. Allen Catherine Kagina
Executive Director