Project profile
Project: Musita-Lumino/Busia-Majanji (104km),
Funder: GOU
Contractor: China Railway 18th Bureau Group Limited
Consultant: M/S Consulting Engineering Centre (CEC Jordan) in Joint Venture with MBW Consulting Ltd (Uganda)
RAP Consultant: Newplan Ltd (Taken Over by In House Team with effect from July 2017)
Works contract: UGX 206.784 bn
Supervision contract: USD 3.770 m
RAP Contract: UGX 1,469.91 m,
Project progress
The contract for civil works commenced on 15 September 2014 and originally scheduled to be completed in September 2017. A new contract was signed.
The terminated contract was reinstated through a consent judgment on 19 Dec 2017 and extended 22 More months to expire on 17 October 2019
By the end of April 2019, physical Cumulative progress was at 87.4% against programmed 91.89%. Time lapsed was 70.06% according to the revised work program. The financial progress stands at 29% against the planned 61%.
Land and Property Compensation
Total Amount Approved: 28,490,398,480/=
Total Amount Paid: 21,085,485,890/=
Amount Pending:7, 404,912,590/=
Total PAPs Valued: 5,718 PAPs
Total PAPs paid: 4,289PAPs
%ge of paps paid: 75%
PAPs Pending: 1,429 PAPs
Total Land Captured: 526.16 acres
Total Land Acquired: 371.684 Acres
%ge of land acquired: 70.64%
Land Pending:154.45 Acres
Busia-Majanji (27kms): Report was approved and Verification for 950 PAPs done and batching is ongoing

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