Project: Mukono-Kyetume-Katosi/Nyenga (74km),
Funder: GOU,
Contractor: JV SBI International Holdings & Reynolds Construction Co. Ltd
Supervision Consultant: Arab Consulting Engineers (ACE), UNRA In-house Supervision (Since April 2018)
Works Contract: UGX 253.940 bn
Supervision Contract: USD 3,068,642, Addendum 1: USD 128,009, Addendum 2: USD 458,523
RAP contract: UGX 718.922m
Project progress
Works under the new contract commenced on 27th January 2015. An Addendum for additional 10km section from Nyenga-Njeru was approved and commenced on 9th January 2019 and the Completion date was revised to 8th July 2019.
The original scope of 74km (Mukono-Katosi/Kisoga-Nyenga) was substantially completed by 21st Feb 2019.
Cumulative progress for 84 Km as of end April 2019 is 83.95% against programmed of 97.31%. Time elapsed is 95.69% of the new contract period. Financial progress stands at 88.01% against the planned 97.31%.
Land and Property Compensation
Total amount approved: 56,863,129,950/=
Total amount paid: 48,141,722,930/=
Total Amount Pending: 8,721,407,020
Total no of PAPs: 6019
Total no of PAPs paid: 4400
%ge of paps paid: 73.1%
Total no of PAPs pending: 1619
Total land captured: 850,476 Acres
Total land acquired: 755.200 Acres
%ge of land acquired: 88.79%
Land Pending: 95.272 Acres

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