Project Information

Project Name: Mukono-Kalagi-Kayunga-Bukolooto-Njeru Road

Length: 92.5km

Funder(s): GOU

Contractor: SBI

Contract Amount: UGX 223.126 Bn


Supervision Consultant: Aarvee Associates

Contract Amount: USD 3,795,288 UGX 5.080 bn

Expected Works Completion Date: October 2019


Progress / Status: The road was substantially completed in October. Defects Liability Period ongoing until October 2019.



Pending acquisition of the RoW. We are waiting for clearance from Attorney General whether to go ahead and implement.


Land Acquisition Information

Project Affected Persons (PAPs) Compensation

Total Number of PAPs: 7,940 PAPs

Total Compensation Amount Approved: 75,642,263,346/=

Total Amount Paid: Nil

Total Amount Pending: 75,642,263,346/=

Percentage of PAPs Paid: 0%

Number of PAPs: 7,940 PAPs

PAPs paid: Nil


Land Acquisition

Total Land Required: 857.614 Acres

Total Land Acquired: Nil

Total Land Pending: 857.614 Acres

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