Project Profile
Project: Mpigi-Kanoni Road(65km),
Funder: GOU,
Surface dressing:
Contractor: Energoprojekt-Niskogradnja AD
Supervision Consultant: AECOM RoA (Pty) Ltd. Contract expired in August 2017 and replaced by UNRA In-house Supervision Unit
Works Contract: UGX 123.770 bn Revised to 141,279,486,455
Supervision contract: USD 2.803 m + UGX 401.366m
Project Progress
The cumulative progress as of end April 2019 was 99.10% against 100 %.( Basing on the Contractors updated program). Substantial completion certificate was issued on 30th September 2018
The financial progress stands at 95.5% achieved against the 97% planned. Time completed is at 100%.
Land and Property Compensation
Total Amount approved: 39,551,208,914/=
Total Amount Paid: 30,692,588,708/=
Total Amount Pending: 8,858,620,206/=
Total PAPs captured: 6930PAPs,
Total PAPs paid:4824 PAPs
%ge of paps paid: 75.49%
Total PAPs Pending: 2106 PAPs
Total Land captured: 1,349 Acres

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