Length: 41 Km

Funder(s): European Investment Bank

Contractor: China Railway Seven Group Co., ltd

Supervision Consultant: COWI

Contract Amount: Euros 58.714M

Progress / Status: Works were provisionally completed 17 December 2017. 

Remarks: Commenced in November 2013 and addendum No.01 signed for widening the Bypass to a dual carriageway on 30 September 2016. Addendum 02 for upgrading of a 0.9km access road from the Bypass to Ruti trading Center was signed on 16 June 2017. Works were provisionally completed 17 December 2017.

The final inspection was carried out during March 2019 and it was found that the Contractor had rectified all defects. What remained was submission of approval of the Final Environmental Mitigation Report by NEMA before issuance of the Final Account and Final Acceptance Certificate

Project Affected Persons (PAPs) Compensation

Total No of PAPs: 108

Total compensation Value: 23,343,584,726/=

Amount paid: 19,178,682,661/=

Land Acquisition

Total land acquired: 172.918 acres

Total Land Pending: 207.109 acres

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