Project profile

Project: Masindi Park Junction and Tangi Junction-Para-Bulisa Roads (159km) – (Critical Oil Road Package 1),

Funder: Exim Bank/GoU,

Surfacing: Asphalt Concrete

Contractor: CCCC

Supervision Consultant: AECO

Works Contract: USD 218,888,518.4

Project Progress

Design and Build Contract, Contract for civil works was signed on 05 February 2018; the project commenced on 23 April 2018 and is scheduled to be complete by 26 April 2021.

Cumulative progress by end of April 2019 was 10.12% against a plan of 22.7%. Contract time elapsed was 31.9%.

Land and Property compensation (Kisanja-Park junction)

Total amount approved: 2,643,240,259/=

Total amount paid:2,491,079,660/=

Total amount pending:152,160,599/=

Number of PAPs in report:787

Number of PAPs paid :731

%ge of paps paid: 92.88%

Number of PAPs pending:56

Total land captured:71.261 acres

Total land actually acquired:  65.694 acres

%ge of land acquired: 92.19%

Supplementary 1 report is being compiled.

Park Junction-Bulisa

Park Junction Buliisa (A section of 16km)

Total amount approved: 2,330,853,446/=

Total amount paid: 2,133,915,179 /=

Total no of PAPs:815

Total No. Fully verified:754

Total PAPs paid: 754

%ge of paps paid: 92.52%

Total Amount Pending: 196,938,267 /=

Total Land Size: 75.546 acres

Total land acquired:64.375 acres

%ge of land acquired: 85.21%

Percentage covered in terms of PAPs: 92.51%


Supplementary 1 Park Junction Buliisa

Total amount approved: 212,593,875/=

Total amount paid: Nil

Total no of PAPs:30

Total PAPs paid: Nil

Total Amount Pending:212,593,875/=

Total Land Size: 6.012 Acres

Total land acquired: Nil

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