Project Profile

Project: Masaka-Bukakata road  (41km)


Surfacing: DBST

Contractor: Arab Contractors

Supervision Consultant: Galander Engineering Consultants in association with KKATT Consult

RAP Consultant: MITULAND CO.

Works Contract: UGX 165,325,096,327

Supervision Contract USD 681,575 + UGX 1,380,675,000 (exclusive of local taxes)


RAP contract: UGX 508,001,600,

Project progress

Civil Works Contract was signed on 17th September 2018. Order to commence civil works was issued on 2nd January 2019. Mobilisation period expired on 2nd April 2019, however the work program has not yet been approved. Contractor initiated the process of relocation of utilities in April 2019 but has not yet commenced the Construction activities

Land and Property compensation

Total amount approved:16,973,377,442/=

Total amount paid:13,622,781,087/=

Total Amount Pending:3,350,596,355/=

Total no of PAPs:1349

Total no of PAPs paid:1226

%ge of paps paid: 90.88%

Total PAPs Pending:123

Total land captured:323.19acres

Total land acquired:251.4372 acres

%ge of land acquired: 77.8%

Total Land Pending: 71.7528 acres

Total Km Covered:38.5km

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