Project profile

Project: Luwero – Butalangu Road (29.6km)

Funder: BADEA/OFID and GOU

Surfacing: DBST

Contractor: Procurement halted

Supervision Consultant: Still under procurement

Works Contract: Procurement halted by BADEA , Still under procurement

Land and Property compensated

  • Technical evaluation report was approved by BADEA. The Procurement of Supervision Consultant is going on. , Total amount approved: 21,448,002,895
  • Total amount paid: 2,370,752,900
  • Total no of PAPs:2150 PAPs
  • Total no of PAPs paid: 216 PAPs
  • %ge of paps paid: 10%
  • Total No. of PAPs Pending: 2001 PAPs
  • Total land captured:791 acres
  • Total land acquired:638acres
  • %ge of land acquired: 5.46%

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