Project Information

Project Name: Kyenjojo – Fort Portal Road

Length: 50 Km

Funder(s): GOU

Contractor: China Wu Yi Co. Ltd

Contract Amount: UGX 71.435 Bn

Supervision Consultant: MBW Consulting Ltd/Infrastructure Projects Ltd

Contract Amount: UGX 2.033Bn

Expected Works Completion Date: 31st August 2019


Progress / Status: Works commenced on 29 June, 2016 and were scheduled to be completed on by 28th December 2017. Additional Extra Time was awarded. Revised completion date is 31st August 2019. 94.23% of the works were complete by the end of April 2019 against the Revised plan of 97.3%. Time progress of 90.59%. Pending issues IPC 14 & 15 are not yet paid. AC contract not finalized yet.

Remarks: No compensation required


Land Acquisition Information

Project Affected Persons (PAPs) Compensation

Total Number of PAPs: N/A

Total Compensation Amount Approved: N/A

Total Amount Paid: N/A

Total Amount Pending: N/A

Percentage of PAPs Paid: N/A

Number of PAPs: N/A

PAPs paid: N/A


Land Acquisition

Total Land Required: N/A

Total Land Acquired: N/A

Total Land Pending: N/A

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