Length: Kashenyi – Mitooma: 11.53Km and Kitabi Seminary Access Road: 0.8Km
Funder(s): GOU
Surfacing: Asphalt
Contractor: Chongqing IPRnternational Construction Corporation (CICO).
Contract Amount: UGX 49.199 bn
Duration: 1 year
Supervision Consultant: International Ltd with KOM Consult, UNRA In-house Supervision (Since April 2018).
Contract Amount: UGX 4,634,915820
RAP (Resettlement Action Plan) Consultant: In-house.
Contract Amount: UGX 7Bn
Expected Works Completion Date: 31 January 2018

Progress Status
Status Update: Cumulative progress by end of April 2019 was 100% against a plan of 100%. Contract time elapsed was 100% and takeoff certificate was issued. The project is now under defects liability period
Remarks: The project started on 31 January 2017 and scheduled to be complete by 31 January 2018. New revised completion date is 16th January 2018 and works were complete by this date. Financial Progress is at 97% against the planned 100%.

Land Acquisition Information
Project Affected Persons (PAPs) Compensation
Original Report
Total Number of PAPs: 802
Total Compensation Amount Approved: UGX 13,328,539,162
Percentage of PAPs Paid: 92.76%

Supplementary Report
Total Number of PAPs: 164
Total Compensation Amount Approved: UGX 4,423,788,472
Percentage of PAPs Paid: 86%

Land Acquisition Status
Original Report
Total Land Required: 77.046 acres
Total Land Acquired: 62.624 acres

Supplementary Report
Total Land Required: 14.582 acres
Total Land Acquired: 11.799 acres

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