Project profile

Project: Kapchorwa-Suam (73 Km)

Funder: ADB/ ADF/ GOU,

Financing: Asphalt Concrete,

Contractor: China State Construction Engineering Corporation Limited

Supervision: LEA International Ltd., in Joint Venture with LEA Associates South Asia Pvt. Ltd., and in Association with KOM Consult Ltd.

RAP Consultant: In house Team

Works Contract: UGX 268,461,095,349

Supervision contract: USD 1,620,650 and UGX 4,526,631,000 excluding taxes of USD 305,310 and UGX 440,385,300,

Project progress

The Civil Works contract was signed on 7 May 2018. Physical works commenced on 1 October 2018 and completion date is 1 October 2021.

Design Review and Supervision Consultancy Services commenced on 27 July 2018.

Physical progress by end of April 2019 was 2.08% against planned of 4.16%. Time elapsed is 19.4%


Financial progress is 5.53% against the planned of 7.15%,

Land and Compensation

23km Section (from km 00 – 23)

Total amount approved:10,723,909,989/=

Total amount paid:10,301,896,739/=

Total amount Pending: 422,013,250/=

Total no of PAPs:1,370 PAPs

Total no of PAPs paid:1,274

%ge of paps paid: 92.99%

Total no of PAPs pending:22

Total land captured: 112.943Acres

Total land acquired: 105.82Acres

%ge of land acquired: 93.69%

PAPs pending in Accounts: 22 with a total amount of 167,986,000/= and land take 3.861 Acres

Supplementary valuation report 1 (KM 000 – 23+000)

Total amount approved:209,152,580/=

Total amount paid: Nil

Total amount Pending: 209,152,580/=

Total no of PAPs:23

Total no of PAPs paid: Nil

Total land captured: 1.524 Acres

Total land acquired: 105.82Acres

PAPs pending in accounts: 17 with a total amount of 193,286,080/= and land take 1.075 Acres


Total amount approved:11,791,000,337/=

Total amount paid: Nil

Total amount Pending: 209,152,580/=

Total no of PAPs:1001

Total no of PAPs paid: Nil

%ge of paps paid:00%

Total land captured: 129.534Acres

Total land acquired: Nil

Total no of PAPs verified: 605

FINAL 25km Section (KM 48+00 – KM 73+00)

All survey and valuation data was captured. Data processing in progress.

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