Project Profile
Project: Kanoni – Sembabule and Sembabule – Villa Maria (110kms),
Funder: GOU
Surfacing: Double Surface dressing ,
Contractor: China Railway No.3 Engineering Group Co. Ltd
Supervision Consultant: UNRA In-house Supervision Unit
RAP Consultant: Partly in-house team(74kms) and partly East African Surveyors and Valuers.(38kms)
Works Contract: UGX 239.120 bn
Supervision contract: USD 2.803 m + 401.366 m,
Project progress
The cumulative physical progress by end of April 2019 was 96.87% against the programmed 98.10% according to the revised work program. Time elapsed was 94.90%. Financial progress was 90.09% against 98.21% planned.

Land and Property Compensation
Total amount Approved: 18,417,971,372/=
Total Amount Paid: 16,020,007,375/=
Total Amount Pending: 2,397,963,997/=
Total Number of PAPs: 2156 PAPs
Total PAPs paid: 1759 PAPs
%ge of Paps paid: 81.58%
Total PAPs Pending: 397 PAPs
Total Land captured: 517.472 Acres
Total Land Acquired: 394.0236 Acres
%ge of land acquired: 76.18%
Total Land Pending: 123.45 Acres

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