Length: 51Km
Funder(s): China Exim Bank
Surfacing: Asphalt
Contractor: China Communications Construction Company (CCCC).
Contract Amount: USD 476.000 m.
Duration: 5 years
Supervision Consultant: Beijing Expressway Supervisions Co. Ltd.
Contract Amount: UGX 9,452,373,429.39
PMC Consultant: Mott MacDonald and Katuramu and Company Ltd.
Contract Amount: GBP 911,804.50 + USD 305,000.00
PMC: GBP 2,092,127, GBP 262,480
Expected Works Completion Date: November 2017

Progress Status
Progress / Status: Cumulative progress by end of April 2019 was 98.74% against the programmed 99.1%. Time elapsed was 95.21%. Financial Progress is at 98.74% against the planned 99.1%.
Remarks: Civil works commenced in December 2012 and originally scheduled to be complete by November 2017. The completion date was revised to 25 December 2018.

•Frequent accidents by reckless drivers and damages to the median rail along the widening section.
•Loss of revenue since the road is open to traffic before having the tolling system operational.
•Vandalism of road signs.

Land Acquisition Information
Project Affected Persons (PAPs) Compensation
Total Number of PAPs: 4497
Total Compensation Amount Approved: UGX 331,327,813,767
Percentage of PAPs Paid: 98.13%

Land Acquisition
Total Land Required: 766.989 acres
Total Land Acquired: 707.273 acres

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