Project Name: Jinja / Kamuli Town Roads

Length: 22 Km

Funder(s): Government of Uganda

Contractor: CICO

Contract Amount:  UGX 40.918Bn

Supervision Consultant: In-house supervision

Expected Works Completion Date: 1st March 2018

Progress / Status: Completed


By end of March 2019, all the works were complete and under Defects Liability Period

Project Affected Persons (PAPs) Compensation

Wakitaka-Bugembe Road (3km)

Number of PAPs: 179 PAPs

Total Value Approved: 976,639,934/=

%ge of PAPs paid: 97.77%

Total Land: 10.35 acres

Land Acquired: 10.107 acres

Namulesa-Butiki Road (3km)

Number of PAPs: 243 PAPs

Total Value Approved: 1,101,661,571/=

%ge of PAPs paid:  97.94%

Total Land: 8.623 acres

Land Acquired: 8.5514 acres

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