Project Information

Project Name: Ishaka – Katunguru Road

Length: 58km

Funder(s): GOU

Contractor: Mota-Engil, Africa

Contract Amount: UGX.103bn

Supervision Consultant: MBW Consulting

Contract Amount: UGX 2.013bn

Expected Works Completion Date: 31 July 2019 (revised).


Progress / Status: Civil works commenced on 30 June 2017 for both the contractor and Supervision consultant and completion date is 31 July 2019 (revised). Permanent Physical works commenced in October 2017. The physical progress as of April 2019 was 10.87% against the planned 82.5%. Time elapsed is 87%. Financial progress is at 17.77% (IPCs 1 – 6; certified and paid apart from IPC 6 which is not yet paid). The project ESIA has been carried out by DESS and has been approved by NEMA; works within QENP is ongoing. Nominated Service Providers for HIV/AIDS is has been identified and contract signature is under way. Relocation of utility services is at 75%


Land Acquisition Information

Project Affected Persons (PAPs) Compensation

Total Number of PAPs: N/A

Total Compensation Amount Approved: N/A

Total Amount Paid: N/A

Total Amount Pending: N/A

Percentage of PAPs Paid: N/A

Number of PAPs: N/A

PAPs paid: N/A


Land Acquisition

Total Land Required: N/A

Total Land Acquired: N/A

Total Land Pending: N/A


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