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Uganda National Roads Authority

The Function of Administration Department

The Department lies within the Directorate of Finance and Administration. It is tasked with providing administrative and logistical support to the entire organization.

Mandate of the Administration Department include:

  • General office Management and Running.
  • Transport Management.
  • Registry Management.
  • Assets Management.
  • Property Management.
  • Security and Safety.

General Office Management and Running provides services, which include:

  • Provision of offices for all staff.
  • Provision of all office equipment for use by staff e.g. Computers.
  • Ensuring a clean and secure office environment.
  • Ensuring availability of adequate lighting, water, telecommunication, email, fax, computers etc.
  • Providing, where possible, designated parking for vehicles.
  • Ensuring availability of stationery. All stationery must be procured within the PPDA Act and guidelines
  • Ensuring availability of adequate photocopying services/facilities.
  • Setting of internal operating rules.

Transport Management

  • Every staff is supposed to be provided with transport in the discharge of his/her official duties.
  • The department is responsible for the acquisition of transport ( cars, trucks and motorcycles)
  • It provides fuel for all vehicles, ferries, motorcycles, plant and equipment.
  • It is in charge of repairing and Maintenance of all vehicles, trucks and motor cycles.

Registry Management

All incoming and outgoing mails must go through the registry.

The registry must have in place good and efficient record filing and trucking systems for all the records i.e. all mail must be recorded in a mail book, filed and the file sent to the addressee for action. The registry shall maintain a file movement book for tracking all station files.

Assets Management

  • This includes;
  • Acquisition of assets
  • Management of assets (engraving, locating, checking/counting etc)
  • Recommending disposal of assets

Property Management

  • Management of all the property of includes buildings installations e.g quarry sites, land etc.

Security and Safety

  • Security is supposed to be provided at all sites.
  • Security should be for all assets and property.
  • Users must ensure safety of assets in their possession.
  • Security shall be provided through hiring of a reputable firm.
  • Risk assessment must be conducted to determine what special areas the security firm shall cover.

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