Project Profile

Project: Hoima-Butiaba-Wanseko (111km) (Critical Oil Road Package 2),

Funder: GOU/EXIM Bank of China,

Surfacing: Asphalt Concrete

Contractor: Chongqing International Construction Corporation

Supervision Consultant: In-house (For the interim while procurement is undertaken)

Works contract: USD 179,538,545.59

Supervision contract: TBD,

Project progress

Contract for civil works was signed on 18 January 2018; the project commenced on 16th April 2018 and is scheduled to be complete on 15th, April 2021.

The Contractor commenced physical works on 28th June 2018

The achieved progress by end of April 2019 was 20.61% against the planned progress of 16.07%. Time elapsed is 31.94%.

Financial Progress was 17.52% against 20.84%,

Land and Property Compensation

Hoima-Bugungu Section I (46km)

Total amount approved: 15,875,666,595/=

Total amount paid: 14,506,575,694/=

Total amount pending 1,369,090,900/=

Total PAPs: 2154

Total PAPs paid:1986

%ge of paps paid: 92.2%

Total No of PAPs pending 168

Total land captured: 301.336

Total land acquired: 237.046 acres

Hoima-Butiaba-Wanseko Section II (28Km)

Total amount Approved: 5,265,667,736/=

Total amount Paid: 3,601,966,966/=

Total amount Pending: 1,663,700,770/=

Total PAPs:376

Total PAPs Paid: 268

Total No. of PAPs pending:108

Total Land Captured:175.766 acres

Total Land Acquired: 90.178 acres


41 KM section:

Total amount approved: 11,351,711,319/=

Total amount paid: 6,762,162,058/=

Total amount pending 4,589,549,261/=

Total PAPs: 630

Total PAPs paid:333

%ge of paps paid: 52.86%

Total No of PAPs pending 297

Total land captured: 259.079

Total land acquired: 106.119 acres

%ge of land acquired: 40.96%

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