The mandate of Directorate of Road Maintenance is to ensure efficient and timely Routine and Periodic maintenance of the National Roads and Bridges. The Directorate also guarantees Asset preservation in order to minimize accelerated deterioration and safeguard of the investment. The Directorate is comprised of two departments namely; Road Maintenance and Mechanical Services.

  • Road Maintenance Department
    The Road Maintenance department is responsible for Managing Maintenance activities of roads and bridges. It is also responsible for planning, Strategy formulation and budgeting. Road Maintenance is made up of 6 Regions operating as 23 field Stations. The Stations are responsible for implementing tactical maintenance strategies of routine maintenance and periodic maintenance of the National Roads network and Bridges. These are strategically distributed throughout the Country. Each region is headed by a Regional Manager whereas each station is headed by a Station Manager.

Eng. Joseph Otim
Director Road Maintenance