The mandate of the Directorate of Procurement is to plan and manage the Procurement and Disposal activities of UNRA in accordance with the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Authority Act and Regulations. It is also responsible for managing and safeguarding Procurement and Disposal records as required by law and to avoid unauthorized access. The Directorate comprises departments which include Works, Services, Supplies and Process Assurance.

The Works, Services and Supplies departments are responsible for managing all their respective procurements for the Authority including preparing the procurement plan, bidding documents, managing the bidding and evaluation process, pre-contract negotiation, preparing and issuing approved contract documents in line with PPDA Act and Regulation and UNRA Procurement Guidelines.

Process Assurance department is responsible for the review, update and implementation of the internal assurance system for procurement processes including documentation of policies and standards such as quality manuals, standard operating procedures, change control policy, maintenance of records, code of conduct, etc. The department is also responsible for carrying out independent quality assurance of the procurement process to ensure compliance with the PPDA Act and Regulation and/or Development Partner procedures and guidelines, as well as providing technical support and guidance to user departments and PDU staff at key stages of the procurement process to ensure conformity with established guidelines.

John Omeke
Director Procurement