The Directorate of Legal Services works to reduce the cost of external legal services, strengthen the legal function in the areas of land and property compensation, contract management, contracts committee and to provide secretariat services to the Board. The other objectives of the Directorate include provision of high quality and professional litigation before Courts of law, and legal and advisory support services to the other Directorates.

The Directorate is headed by the Director Legal Services and is structured around three Departments: Litigation, Contracts & Claims and Policy & Board Affairs; each overseen by a Head. Below the Heads of Department are Managers, Senior Legal Officers, Officers, administrative and support staff.

Functions and roles of the respective Departments:
Litigation Department
i. Represent the Authority in Courts of law.
ii. Render legal advisory services through opinions, reports and correspondences to external clients.
iii. Conduct prosecution of criminal matters committed against the Authority.
iv. Provide feedback to clients on various matters pertaining to contractual claims and compensation.

Contracts & Claims Department
i. Effective monitoring of contracts to ensure that the interests of the Authority, stakeholders and clients are well protected. ii. Reviewing contract documents, addenda, and other relevant legal documents to ensure well drafted contracts. iii. Render legal advisory services through opinions, MoUs and other forms of Agreement between the Authority and external clients. iv. Provide feedback to clients on various matters pertaining to contractual claims.

Policy and Board affairs Department
i. Advise the Directorates on legal matters in terms of policy development, land acquisition and compensation.
ii. Review laws of Uganda that impact on the Authority mandate and prepare regulations and draft proposals for amendment.
iii. Review and respond to land complaints.
iv. Negotiate land disputes, including the preparation of MoUs.
v. Process and keep custody of UNRA land titles.
vi. Supporting the ED’s office in formalizing strategic partner engagements through drafting and negotiating inter-agency agreements (MoUs) (Both local and international).

Mary Kutesa
Director Legal Services