The mandate of Internal Audit Directorate is to provide objective and independent assurance, consulting, advisory, and advocacy services that add value and improve UNRA operations; undertake initiatives that result in quantifiable cost savings, increase in value, protection of assets, improvements in effectiveness and efficiency of operations and enhancement of the Organization’s reputation.

The Directorate comprises three departments which include Systems, Technical and Financial Audit and each of these is responsible for the roles below under their respective functions. The Internal Audit Directorate advises Management and the Board on the following five major areas:

Compliance: Adherence to laws, regulations, rules, policies and procedures.
The Directorate of Internal audit prioritizes reviews for Processes whose non-compliance has high risk of leading to legal & administrative costs, loss of value/ funding/ property, penalties, sanctions and corporate disrepute.

Effectiveness of Controls and Processes:
The Internal Audit Directorate reviews and advises management on the Effectiveness of Systems and Controls. Test and advise on their ability to Prevent, Detect and Deter fraud or errors.

Moses Kasakya
Director Internal Audit