The Directorate of Corporate Services, is responsible for supporting the business of UNRA by providing financial management and control, ICT services and administration of logistics. This involves regular payment processing, budgeting and accounting, and provision of management information to ensure financial and legal propriety.

The Directorate aims at providing an efficient and effective financial, administrative and ICT service to enable UNRA achieve its organizational goals and objectives. The Directorate comprises of 3 departments including Finance and Accounts, Administration and Information & Communication Technology.

Finance and Accounts.
To provide financial management service for the organisation, including budgeting, payment processing, accounting for all organisational resources and financial reporting.

AdministrationTo provide Administrative and logistical support to all UNRA Office locations, and manage all UNRA Assets and Property ensuring their effective security and safety.

Information and Communication Technology
Manage the effective and efficient provision and operation of Information Communication Technology services to support UNRA’s business operations

Edna Rugumayo
Director Corporate Services