Project profile

Project: Bumbobi – Lwakhakha (44.5 km),

Funder: ADB/GOU

Surfacing: DBST

Contractor: China State Construction Engineering Ltd

Consultant: SGI JV

Works contract: UGX 140.724 Bn Revised to UGX 153.105 Bn

Supervision contract::USD 2,684,437.53 and UGX 481,415,412.76

Project progress

The Works contract was signed on 26th September 2016. Commencement order was issued in December 2016. The project original duration is 24 months. UNRA approved EOT of 261 days and the extended completion date is 23 August 2019.

By April 2019, the Contractor achieved 45.1% cumulative physical progress against 85.6% cumulative Planned progress. The financial progress stands at 53.8% against 85.6%, and 88.4% of the total project time has elapsed.

Land and Property compensated

Total amount approved:10,530,485,663/=

Total amount paid:10,371,549,550/=

Total Amount Pending:158,936,113/=

Total no of PAPs:1,345

Total no of PAPs paid:1258

Total PAPs pending:87

Total land captured:128.61acres

Total land acquired:125.249acres

%ge of paps paid: 97.37%

Total Land Pending:3.361acres

Total Km accessed: 20km.

Section II (20 km to 30) km

Total amount approved: 7,087,223,797/=

Total amount paid:6,654,644,405/=

Total Amount Pending:432,579,392/=

Total no of PAPs:1136

Total no of PAPs paid:1092

%ge of paps paid: 96.13%

Total PAPs pending: 44

Total land captured:91.644acres

Total land acquired:67.78acres

%ge of land acquired: 73.96%

Total Land Pending:23.864acres

Total Km accessed:9KMS

Section III (30 km to 44.8) km

Report approved in November, 2018

Total Amount approved: 13,684,167,133/=

Total Amount paid:11,203,618,643

Total no of PAPs:1187

Total no of PAPs paid: 1020

%ge of paps paid: 85.9%

Total land captured: 90.456 acres

Total Km paid: 72.006

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