Project Profile

Project: Buhimba-Nalweyo-Bulamagi & Bulamagi-Igayaza-Kakumiro (93km) (Critical Oil Road Package 3)

Funder: Exim Bank/GoU,

Surfacing: AC,

Civil Works: China Wu Yi Co. Ltd

Supervision Consultant: Kagga & Partners

Works Contract: USD 138,488,356

Project Progress

Design and Build Contract, Contract for civil works was signed 02 February 2018; the project Commenced on 13 April 2018 and is scheduled to be complete on 16th, April 2021.

The designs are 90% complete and approved

By end of April 2019, the Contractor had achieved 9.5% of Physical Progress against 11.0% plan. Time elapse is 34.76%

The financial progress by end of April 2019 was 19.0% & against the planned of 19.0%

Land and Property compensation

Section 16km to 46km

Total amount approved: 16,125,226,823/=

Total amount paid: 13,104377414/=

Total Amount Pending: 3,028,258,434/=

Total PAPs: 1677

Total PAPs paid:1462

Total PAPs Pending: 215

Total land captured: 278.036acres

Total land acquired:220.438 acres

IVD was carried out and preparation of batches is ongoing

Supplementary 1 for 16km Section

Total amount approved: 1,425,247,915/=

Total amount paid: Nil

Total Amount Pending: 1,425,247,915/=

Total PAPs: 37

%ge of paps paid: 00%

Total PAPs paid: Nil

Total PAPs Pending: 37

Total land captured: 17.783 acres

Total land acquired: Nil

Supplementary report for the first 16km submitted to CGV for approval.


Section 46km to 81km

Total amount approved: 31,116,676,734/=

Total amount paid: Nil

Total Amount Pending: 31,116,676,734/=

Total PAPs: 1677

Total PAPs paid: Nil

Total PAPs Pending: 1972

Total land captured: 362.884acres

Total land acquired: Nil

Section 81km to 93km

Report is awaiting Chief Government Valuer (CGV) approval

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