Project Profile
Project: Acholibur – Kitgum-Musingo road (87.4km),
Funder: GOU
Contractor Chongqing International Construction Corporation (CICO)
Supervision Consultant: KOM Consult Ltd , UNRA In-house Supervision (Since May 2018)
RAP Consultant: Katuramu & company limited
Works Contract: UGX 195.102 bn
Supervision Consultant: UGX 2.979 bn + USD 0.995 m

Project Progress
The Contract for civil works commenced in September 2014 and scheduled to have been completed in September 2017. Time extension granted up to 15th May 2018.
The cumulative progress as at end of April 2019 is 100% of works out of the programmed 100%. Time elapsed is 100%. The main project is in DLP
Land and Property Compensation
Total Value Approved: 22,802,004,910/=
Total amount paid: 21,129,234,582/=
Amount Pending:1,672,770,328/=
Total PAPs Valued: 2,347
Total PAPs paid: 2,085
%ge of paps paid: 88.83%
PAPs Pending:262
Total Land Captured: 546.369 Acres
Final Supplementary valuation report comprising 70 PAPs submitted to CGV for approval

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