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Uganda National Roads Authority

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Welcome to UNRA

The Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) was established by an Act of Parliament; The Uganda National Authority Act, No. 15 of 2006. UNRA became operational on 1st July 2008.The mandate of UNRA is to develop and maintain the national roads network, advise Government on general roads policy and contribute to addressing of transport concerns, among others.

Brief background

UNRA is one of the products of Road Sector Reforms. In 1996, the Government of Uganda preparedthe 10-Year Road Sector Development Programme (RSDP). The Programme wasreviewed and updated in 2002 making it a 10 Year rolling Road Sector Development Programme Phase 2 (RSDP2). One of the objectives of the RSDP was establishing a robust administration for effective and efficient management of thenational roads network. To achieve this objective, Government committed itself to reform national roads management through the establishment of an autonomous performance-based Road Authority to handle road administration and execution function and restructuring the Ministry of Works and Transportation (MoWT) to focus on policy,setting standards, regulation, monitoringand evaluation functions.

The UNRA Act

As part of the reform process, in 1998 the Road Agency Formation Unit (RAFU) was created as a semi-autonomous agency within the MoWT to manage the national roads development. In 2002, a study was conducted on the establishment of an autonomous Road Authority. The findings of the study informed the drafting of the Bill for creating the Uganda National Roads Authority. The Bill was passed by Parliament of Uganda in May 2006 and was signed into Law by the President in June 2006. The Board of Directors (BODs) was appointed in January 2007. Thereafter, the Executive Director was appointed in November2007. UNRA became fully operational on 1st July 2008.

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